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Calico Cottage / The Cambridge Confectionery Co

We produce our own Fudge and Chocolates; we also supply a huge range of general confectionery from several sweets producers.

We take our responsibility for safe, sustainable, and ethical products very seriously. Ensuring that customers and consumers can trust the safety and quality of our products with our highest standards of food safety and our ethos of ethical sourcing.

Our ethical sourcing includes but is not limited to the following areas: Human Rights, such as empowering communities that grow our ingredients through programs like the Cocoa Horizons. Sustainable Ingredients such as RSPO Palm, as well as environmentally responsible alternative packaging solutions.

Palm Oil Statement

We recognise that unsustainable palm oil production has serious negative environmental and social impacts. However, replacing palm oil with other crops is not an effective solution as it may lead to further deforestation and biodiversity loss through increased land conversion. Boycotting palm oil could also result in diminished efforts to produce palm oil sustainably. Substituting palm oil with alternative products could move the environmental burden elsewhere and would have significant negative consequences for those communities which grow and rely on palm oil for their livelihoods.

Our approach is to ensure that where Palm oil is used, it is produced sustainably. This is why we are members of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

The RSPO is a not-for-profit organisation which unites stakeholders from across the supply chain to develop and implement global standards for sustainable palm oil.

There are three RSPO-certified palm oil supply chains options:

‘Segregated’ palm oil: certified sustainable palm oil which is kept physically separate from conventional (uncertified) palm oil throughout the supply chain up to the final product.

‘Mass balance’ palm oil: palm oil from certified mills is mixed with conventional palm oil during transport and storage. Movements of mixed oil are administratively monitored by UTZ Certified so that companies cannot sell more sustainable palm oil than they have purchased.

The ‘Book & Claim’ system: this is a certificate trading scheme where certified sustainable palm oil is produced and evidence of this (‘GreenPalm’ certificates) is sold directly to end users such as food manufacturers to match the tonnage of palm oil used in their products. Book & Claim has been a major driver in the development of markets for sustainable palm globally

Our commitment on palm oil

We acted many years ago to ensure that palm oil used in our fudge is certified by ‘Segregated’ and ‘Mass Balance supply chain.

Where Palm oil is present in the inclusions of a few select chocolates, it is sourced certified by ‘Segregated’ supply chain.

Our sweets range offers a large range of confectionery that uses certified sustainable palm oil allowing our customers and consumers to buy only sustainable products.

Over the last few years, we have seen a positive change in the sweets industry with more producers moving to sustainable palm. We have championed the use of certified sustainable products and encouraged our suppliers to make change wherever possible. As part of our regular supplier approval process, we review the sustainable credentials of our suppliers and their products and direct them to information to help drive positive change by sharing the important information available publicly by leaders in conversation, such as Chester Zoo with their Sustainable Palm Oil campaign launched in 2012.

We provide clear information on our products so that our customers and consumers can make informed decisions on their purchase.

With global supply chain challenges there is no quick-fix solution, and it will take all our continued and concerted efforts to be sustainable.