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Your own brand on a plastic free confectionery range!

Sweets sell in most locations and plastic sweets bags are sadly often littered. Taking decades to decay, they leave tiny plastic particles behind. 


Our certified home compostable range of sweets packaging helps address the plastic issue and  enables retailers to put their name on a product to be proud of. Simply send us a logo and we will send you a choice of bespoke printed tags to approve which contain your branding and some information about the packaging.


We stock close to 100 varieties of sweets and they all sell at 40% to 50% margin giving you a great return. 

Calico's plastic free challenge

Initially our goal was to become as plastic free as possible and where it was not possible, we would make sure that we had recyclable materials. Black plastic was removed from chocolate boxes to aid recycling, plastic bags were moved to a bag derived from woodpulp if they were strong enough.


It was a nice ambition and on the face of it looked simple! However, it came with its challenges, huge development costs and not to mention quite a few sweets on the floor as bags failed!


However, we did not want to stop at plastic free and really wanted a home compostable product if possible.  This was technically challenging to put it mildly!

The Certified Home Compostable range

With the amazing assistance of our customers, we developed a Home Compostable bag that had a recyclable tag on it. We put it through testing and gained home compostable certification from TUV.


It’s not been cheap and at times its been challenging but as a cause, it was worth the trouble. We are not going to make claims about saving the planet one bag at a time as that’s known as “Greenwashing” but it’s fair to say we have to start somewhere. This is a small step but an important one.


Get in touch for information on how you can transform your current impulse confectionery range to plastic free.

Cambridge Confectionery Company
Cambridge Confectionery Company


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