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Compostable Packaging



From today the 27th March 2018, Calico Cottage will become the first in the industry to offer all business customers the option of stocking its impulse bags of sweets in compostable, transparent packaging which breaks down and disappears in soil. To help customers identify these bags, they will be sold under Calico's new brand "The Cambridge Confectionery Company".
Regular biodegradable bags can take decades to degrade and tens of millions are sold every year in the UK alone. This is no longer acceptable and there are solutions out there.
Managing director Nigel Baker said: "The move away from single use plastic is an issue that we started to address internally at Calico Cottage in 2017. We are hugely passionate about this and have been working long hours to come up with a solution using a range of technologies and I am proud that we have brought it to market so quickly.

Launch partners


We are delighted to have the launch partners listed below joining us for our National Launch this week.


Blue Diamond Garden Centres
Center Parcs
Chester Zoo
Dudley Zoological Gardens
The British Museum
Twycross Zoo
Rhug Estate
Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh
ZSL London Zoo
ZSL Whipsnade Zoo


Kew Gardens and Paignton Zoo will also be joining us after Easter.

See them decay!


Just to be sure that the bags did what they said, we put one in a glass tank full of soil and compost - take a look at the video below to see how they changed.  We will keep this updated over the next few weeks. As a comparison, we have also shown one of our old bags that we are replacing as well as another one that is widely available in the market place.



The new bags are fully certified and manufactured from sustainably sourced trees which are converted into pulp and then a liquid cellulose solution. This is then made into a transparent solid film, which is coated and cut to size.


We can provide customers with full certification relevant to DIN EN 13432  (Certification scheme for products made from compostable materials) for our labels and bags.



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